How Citizens View Science Communication: Pathways to Knowledge is available in open access!

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Carolina Moreno-Castro
University of Valencia
CONCISE coordinator

In the evolving landscape of science communication, the book How Citizens View Science Communication: Pathways to Knowledge emerges as a critical examination of the dynamic relationship between the public and the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Published by Routledge, this book stands out for its insightful analysis based on the European CONCISE (Communication Role on Perception and Beliefs of EU Citizens about Science) results, aimed to unravel the complexities of how science communication was perceived and interacted with by citizens across Europe.

The CONCISE project, which the European Commission funded, sought to identify effective science communication by exploring the public’s trust, engagement, and understanding of science. Through public consultations held in five European countries—Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Slovakia—the project gathered diverse perspectives on science communication, selecting four topics debated on health and environmental issues.

How Citizens View Science Communication: Pathways to Knowledge highlights the importance of trust in scientific institutions and the media, the role of social networks and personal beliefs in shaping perceptions, and the impact of misinformation on public discourse. It also explores the effectiveness of communication channels, from traditional media to digital platforms, in conveying science information to diverse audiences.

Carolina Moreno-Castro, Aneta Krzewińska, and Małgorzata Dzimińska coordinated the book, participating in four chapters alongside the colleagues of the consortium. The authors of the five chapters of the book are the following:

Chapter 1 Collecting, analysing, and interpreting the results of the European public consultations on science issuesCarolina Llorente, Gema Revuelta, Izabela Warwas, Aneta Krzewińska

Chapter 2 What do citizens want? Science communication in the eyes of the public, Jussara Rowland, Małgorzata Dzimińska, Andrea Rubin, Edurne Gaston, Lenka Diener, Empar Vengut-Climent

Chapter 3 Citizens’ acceptance of public consultation rules: insights into their evaluationsIzabela Warwas, Kamil Brzeziński, Agnieszka Kretek-Kamińska

Chapter 4 The trustworthiness and reliability of science information channels and sources in the public’s viewGiuseppe Pellegrini, João Estevens, Aneta Krzewińska, Isabel Mendoza, Peter Guran

Chapter 5 Perceptions of science information on climate change and GMOsAna Delicado, Carolina Moreno-Castro, Sonia Brondi, Justyna Wiktorowicz, Lenka Diener

How Citizens View Science Communication: Pathways to Knowledge is a timely and valuable resource that illuminates the current state of science communication in Europe and charts a path forward for more effective and inclusive practices. This book offers compelling insights and practical guidance for anyone interested in the intersections of science, society, and communication. The quotations of the citizen participants in each country are a valuable example of citizen science, and the methodology of analysing debates was highly relevant to science communication research.

ISBN 9781032510668