Consultation in Spain

We are finally opening the call for the Consultation that will take place in Spain in October 26. Organised by FyG Consultores, a private SME, and the University of Valencia, the consultation will gather 100 persons to talk about science and communication.

This autumn, there will also be consultations in Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Portugal. The aim is to study how the communication of science influences the beliefs of Europeans. During the day, different debates will approach GMOs, climate change, vaccines and the use of alternative medicine. The participation is voluntary but participants will receive some appreciation gifts and will enjoy a weekend in Valencia.

The place chosen for the public consultation is the Jardí Botànic of the University of Valencia. There citizens will enjoy nature of all around the world, while discovering how science is understood in Spain and will enjoy a Saturday surrounded by people.

This is not a project for experts, nor PhDs. Our main aim is to gather proactive, curious and participative people from all over Spain. “We want attendees to tell us how they get scientific information and which means, channels or sources do they prefer, but without this implying that they should have any prior knowledge about it”, adds Carolina Moreno, organiser from the University of Valencia. Thus, everyone -with or without previous knowledge of the topic- is more than welcome to this initiative. The only requirements to participate in the consultation are:

  • Being more than 18 years old
  • Living in Spain
  • Speaking and writing Spanish fluently

With all this and the consultations in other countries, the Concise consortium wants attendees to share their opinions and experiences about scientific information and how they receive it. Each debate will be conducted by a trained moderator to facilitate the dialogue, so every person will be able to participate equally.


The registration link is now open:

Stay tuned, we will keep informing about all the preparation of this event!