CONCISE project at the Festival of Science, Technology and Art in Łódź

From April 8th till 15th 2019, the inhabitants of the Lodz region could move into a magical land of chemical and physical experiments as well as explore the secrets of poetry, theater and art. For the 19th time the Festival of Science, Technology and Art took place in Łódź. Hundreds of festival events in the form of workshops and lectures, exciting discussions, meetings with extraordinary people, as well as games and competitions attracted thousands of participants. Spectacular interactive presentations, experiments, workshops were visited by students and PhD candidates of Łódź universities and employees of scientific institutions.

The main organizer of the festival was the Lodz Scientific Society and its program was coordinated by the Programme Committee, which consisted of representatives of the entire academic environment of Lodz and educational institutions, including Lodz University of Technology, University of Lodz, Medical University, Music Academy and many institutions related to science, technology and art.

On April 10th 2019 festival activities took place at the campus of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology. With the participation of students from scientific clubs and organizations operating at the faculty (Inwestor, Login, AIESEC, Progress, Social Force, Method) a series of interdisciplinary activities took place, for example: „My first programme”, „Economic value of cultural goods”,” Economic quiz”,” Why do we trade? – the road to the success of industrial Łódź”,”Non-stereotypically about stereotypes and prejudices”,”Get into culture!”, „About the origin of human morality”.

The team involved in the CONCISE project took part in this event as well. Professor Aneta Krzewińska presented an innovative method of qualitative research – „Scientific walk around the Faculty of Economics and Sociology” and prof. Anna Rogozińska-Pawełczyk conducted a workshop on „Stress management – how to build internal strength”.

Festival events on the weekend of 13-14 April were held under the tents set up on the Manufaktura market. Manufaktura is a city meeting place for Łódź residents, a center of trade, entertainment and culinary. The space of the Manufaktura was created in the revitalized old factory of Izrael Poznański and is a symbol of the Promised Land.

These spring festival events were an opportunity to present to the inhabitants of Łódź and visiting tourists not only the assumptions of the CONCISE project, but above all to invite them to participate in our extraordinary public consultations, which will take place on September 21 in Łódź. We explained to all interested parties the idea of ​​these consultations, we handed out leaflets (especially prepared for the occasion) and we encouraged citizens to enrol. People interested in participation in the public consultations can also apply using a dedicated e-mail address:


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