CONCISE DATABASE: inspiring practices on engaging scientists and communicators with science communication

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The CONCISE Project proposes solutions to foster science communication among different actors. The team of the Science, Communication and Society Studies Centre of the Pompeu Fabra University (CCS-UPF) have leaded the constitution of a database of inspiring practices on engaging scientists and communicators with science communication.

The initiatives constituting the CONCISE database serve as inspiration to implement similar actions. They also aim to solve barriers that researchers and professional communicators face to get engaged in science communication. To promote this, we identified 5 different categories and established the final CONCISE database  with 25 inspiring practices.
Concise database diagram

Figure 1. Overview of the five CONCISE database categories

The CONCISE database is not an exhaustive list of practices, nor do we intend to compile all the current initiatives of this type. Its main value is giving possible solutions to the identified main barriers to engage in science communication.

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